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Roulette Betting Patterns

Roulette, like every other casino strategies game from poker to online slots, has a house edge. It's important to remember that you can never eliminate this edge, or reliably predict the results of a spin. Roulette betting patterns provide a fun way to explore the options and try to increase the chances of your win with roulette.

Called Bets

In land-based casinos, there is often the belief that roulette results are affected by the shape and mechanisms of the wheel. These factors have given rise to the called bets, which are based on the layout of the wheel. The 17 numbers between 22 and 25 fall into the "Neighbors of Zero"play live casino. The 12 numbers from 27 to 33 are included in the "Third of Cylinder" bet. The 8 numbers on the wheel that remain belong in what is known as the "Orphans" bet.

1st and 3rd Column

The 1st and 3rd column betting strategy is a solid choice because it only leaves 5 numbers on the entire wheel uncovered. This bet includes one chip each on the first and third columns. A third chip is wagered on all black numbers. The only numbers left out of this bet, aside from the 0, are the four red numbers in the center of the wheel. On an American wheel, the 00 will be the sixth number not included in the bet.

Five Number Bet

The five number bet is a rare choice in online poker and online roulette betting patterns as it covers both the 0 and 00 on an American roulette wheel. The five number bet is placed on the 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. This choice has a very high house edge and should only be used if the player is feeling particularly lucky.

Roulette and blackjack betting patterns can give you a slight edge in the game if you know how to use them well. Though you can't guarantee a win, you can lower the house edge with some bets more than others to get the best advantage possible with the roulette game.